Finance Office Support & Solutions Assisting Dealers For Over a Decade

iXIQUTE was created with one purpose in mind – to give dealers all the right tools and support they need to be profitable in their finance office. We are masters in finance, and we’ve created a Finance Dealer 20 Group to share our expertise with dealers and their finance teams across the country.

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Tracking Software

Your iXIQUTE membership includes our advanced, real-time tracking software. By tracking your finance manager’s performance on every deal, you get accurate and calculated feedback that helps you pinpoint issues instantly.

Review Your StatisticsSee Exactly Where You Need to Improve

Your tracking software dashboard includes easy-to-read reports that break down your finance department’s performance in every category. Compare with other dealers to see exactly where you are and what areas are needed to be improved to maximize profits.

Dedicated Support Team

Your membership includes a dedicated support team monitoring your finance departments performance. Trained and coached by the top finance trainers in the country, our team reviews your performance data monthly and meets regularly to troubleshoot and develop your customized plan for your success.

iXIQUTE MeetingsKeeping You on Track

Participate in quarterly IQ meetings where you work with our finance directors in a hands on environment. They’ll review your performance as a group and offer expert advice and solutions.

Empower Your CustomersLet Them Choose Their Products

Through the interactive dashboard, your finance manager can empower customers to compare different aftermarket packages. They’ll feel great about being able to choose the best products for their needs while seeing exactly how much they are saving and at the same time increases your dealership profits.

Finance Training

Your membership also includes access to the top finance trainers in the country who will coach, teach, and support your finance team on best practices through engaging live webinars on-demand.

Online WebinarsLive webinar training saves you time & money

  • Easy Access from work, home + mobile phone
  • Industry trends allow your Finance Manager to stay current

They’ll learn from our Master Finance Trainer who has over 20 years of experience in finance in person.

Exclusive Product

Included in your membership is our product, which has no dealer cost. You keep 100% of the profits when the product is sold. This product captures all of your lost dealer reserve and at the same time giving your client the lowest interest.

Get 100% Of Your
Dealer Reserve Back With Our Exclusive Product

This is another game changer. We stand as pioneers in introducing this patented product to the automotive industry, creating a win-win scenario for dealerships, finance managers, customers, banks, and insurance providers alike.